Floor Saver Mechanism

Are you interested in a Murphy Bed, but for some reason or another, do not wish to mount your frame to the floor?  We have the perfect solution for you!

Our heavy duty Floor Saver mechanism will convert OUR Murphy Bed frames from a floor mount system to a wall mount system. THIS IS DESIGNED TO WORK SPECIFICALLY WITH MURPHYBEDFRAME.COM FRAMES. It fits all of our Murphy Bed frames, both regular and side. (Two are required for the King-sized frame.)

When do you NEED a Floor Saver?

There are only a few reasons when using a floor saver mechanism is beneficial or necessary:

1. Your floor is made of CDX, strand board, OSB, wafer board, or is less than 3/4 inch thick plywood.
2. You have non-conventional heating/cooling in your floor (such as radiant heat).
3. Your landlord will not allow you to mount anything to the floor.
4. You just don't want to mount anything to the floor.

Floorsaver Mechanism

Click here to view an enlarged image of the Floor Saver mechanism

The preferred and safest way to mount a Murphy bed frame is to the floor. The frame comes with the mounting anchors for concrete floors.  If you are going into wood, you will need 5/16th" x 1 �" Lag bolts available at any major hardware store.  If you are mounting through tile, the same bit that is used to drill holes in concrete will go right through your tile.

If you have decided that you want the Floor Saver, here are a few things that makes ours superior to others.

Our Floor Savers

Unlike other frame converters, our Floor Saver mounts not only to the baseboard of your wall, but it also mounts to your wall studs about 12" off the floor.

This additional support prevents the frame from rocking, which can cause lag bolts to pull loose.

For this reason, our Floor Saver's dual-mount system is just another example of our products' superior and safer construction.

To view a .pdf version of the instructions, click here.

For additional, up close photos to reference while installing, click here.

Preview our assistance video. Click here to view on youtube.com.


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