Murphy Bed Frame Kit

Frame 1

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Our powder-coated, all steel frame is the only Murphy Bed Frame with different tension variable rate springs. This allows our frames to be counter-balanced to meet the needs of many different brands and styles of mattresses.

It can support any regular size mattress up to 12" thick. (For 12" mattresses, you will need to mount the Murphy Bed frame in a space 20" deep. With the mechanism mounted in a space 15" deep, you can use a 9" thick mattress.) We recommend inner spring, or foam encased mattress with an average weight of 70 lbs (Queen size). You should NOT use memory foam mattress because they will not retain their shape and are very dense.

We offer: Twin, Full, Queen, and King Frames.

We also offer: Side Full and Side Queen for lower ceiling clearance.


Frame 2

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Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, our Murphy Bed frame (WITHOUT the cabinet, foundation and mattress) is easy to install and operate. The frame includes detailed assembly instructions (with pictures) and mounts to the floor in any closet or cabinet that has a clearance of:


Murphy Bed Frame Dimensions:  (Your mattress and foundation is wider than the frame and will add length and width)

  • Twin: 36 1/4" wide X 78" high
  • Full: 51" wide X 78" high
  • Queen: 57 1/4" wide X 78" high
  • King: 73 1/2" wide x 78" high
  • Side Full: 74" wide x 59" high
  • Side Queen: 74" wide x 64" high

Murphy Bed Mechanism minimum required inside cabinet clearances:

  • Twin: 43 1/2" wide X 81" high X 15" deep
  • Full: 58 1/2" wide X 81" high X 15" deep
  • Queen: 64 1/2" wide X 86" high X 15" deep
  • King: 84" wide X 86" high X 15" deep
  • Side Full: 78 1/2" wide X 60" high X 15" deep
  • Side Queen: 83 1/2" wide x 65" high X 15" deep


Our frame has:

~ Automatic Leg Actuator Bar to insure the support leg for the foot-end of the bed is extended into place when the bed frame is lowered (click here to see a photograph).
~ Adjustable plastic feet to protect your flooring and allow you to compensate for less-than-level floors.
~ Springs Counter-Balanced for One-Handed Operation (click here to see a photograph).
Our frame is totally independent of the enclosure built around it, giving you complete design freedom. You can disguise it inside a cabinet with doors, your existing closet, or not disguise it at all.
~ To ensure your ankles will be safe when walking around the bed, our frame is about two inches smaller than the mattress
  And because the mattress never bends or folds, sleeping on a Murphy Bed feels the same as sleeping on a regular bed!

NOTE: This mechanism is NOT designed to have paneling mounted to the bottom of the bed. Most people install the mechanism inside a closet or cabinet with bi-folding doors or behind a curtain or screen. We offer a FREE basic cabinet building plans with the instructions.


Assembly and Installation:

Required Tools:
  • Drill
  • Two 7/16" sockets or wrenches
  • Masonry drill bit (for concrete floors)
  • Screw Driver

The entire assembly and installation can be completed in about two hours. All hardware to assemble the bed is included with easy to follow instructions. Add 5/8" or 3/4" thick plywood as a foundation (cut to size 1" smaller than your mattress and cut notch around elevated area of frame and screw to the frame) and add a mattress, then you are ready for sleeping OR FOR BEST RESULTS, add our FOUNDATION option to your purchase.

To view a PDF version of the instructions that you will receive with the vertical frame, click here.

Preview our assistance video that accompanies the written instructions to the right. Click here to view on It will open in a new tab or window. (Issues viewing? Copy and Paste Link: )

If you have any questions about the frame, foundations, shipping, etc. please see our contact page and call us toll-free.


Freight Costs & Transit Time:


*Shipping and freight costs are built into the FRAME price list for shipping within the contiguous United States via UPS or common currier on large orders. Most orders for mechanisms are shipped within two business days and are in transit for one week, but please allow two weeks for arrival.

Side Bed Frame


Interested in the Side Murphy Bed Frame?

Here is a photograph of the difference in appearance. It essentially functions the same way as our vertical version.

For more information specific to this model of the mechanism, please feel free to contact us toll free or by email at .

To view a PDF version of the instructions that you will receive with the horizontal (side bed) frame, click here.




Warranties vary by product line: From 90 days to Lifetime. Please call for details. No warranties are made by or its ownership. All product should be inspected immediately upon receipt for shipping damage and so noted on all paperwork. If you have any questions about the frame, foundations, shipping, etc. please call us toll-free 1-877-590-4948.